The company employs four full-time employees and several part-time employees. The company is led by Amit Oren, who holds a degree in business administration and has years of experience dealing with food and events. Shlomo Loshinsky grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, made aliyah at the age of 25. He holds degrees in International Relations and Economics. His knowledge of both American and Israeli tastes and mentalities, his 18 years of experience in the food business in Israel, as well as his connections in the American kosher food market have helped open doors for Global Gourmet Products.

The offices and warehouses of the company are located in Bet Yitzchak, a picturesque town near Netanya in the Sharon plains. Products reaching the warehouses are then prepared for distribution throughout Israel.

Global Gourmet Products works in conjunction with the largest distributors, food networks and chains in Israel. We believe in bringing to Israel unique products that exist abroad so that the Israeli consumer can enjoy the latest and most special of products. We also believe in finding healthy items that are currently in the forefront of the worldwide demands of consumers. We are a young, dynamic company with a vision to the future of healthy, unique and truly special products.